Tips for Making Delicious Jelly


In order to make delicious jelly, not hard and not runny, you need to pay attention to the following things.

1. Do Not Add Too Much Water.

Usually, there are specific instructions on each package of celery jelly powder, and to make sure it’s delicious, you should follow the instructions. However, sometimes you also want to add a little more milk and coconut water, you should reduce the amount of water. So the jelly will be frozen and beautiful, not watery.

Or you can apply the following formula.

  • With crispy jelly powder: 50 gr of jelly powder corresponds to 1.5 liters of water
  • With flexible jelly powder: 10 gr of jelly powder corresponds to 1 liter of water

2. Mixing Ratio of Flour and Sugar

This you also need to follow the instructions on the package, because if you pour the jelly powder directly into the water, it is easy to get lumps. If the ratio of sugar and flour is not correct, the jelly will be watery or frozen. So jelly jelly will not like.

3. Pay Attention When Cooking Jelly

Each type of jelly powder has a different cooking method. With crispy jelly powder, you should put the powder in cold water, dissolve the powder and leave it for about 30 minutes after cooking.

With the jelly powder, you boil water, then slowly pour in the jelly powder mixed with sugar, and stir well. Until the powder is completely dissolved

4. Time to Cook Agar

Cooking time for jelly is from 5-7 minutes, on the package there are also specific instructions. You need to pay attention to cooking at the right time because when you do not cook for enough time and boiling temperature, the baking powder is not finished, so it leads to the situation of the jelly and the water being separated, not beautiful.

5. Don’t Make the Jelly Too Sour

The fruits are always available in vitamin C, so it is easy to make the jelly dilute. If you like the jelly with a sour taste of orange, passion fruit, or taya strawberry, when you squeeze the juice, remember to add a little sugar to reduce the acidity. This way the jelly will taste better.

6. Do Not Put Too Many Other Ingredients in the Jelly

If you want to add a few slices of strawberry, grated coconut, etc. to increase the attractiveness of the jelly, remember to cut it very small and thin. And just remember to give a little, if you give too much, it can make the jelly hard.

7. Align the Time to Cut the Jelly

After the jelly is frozen, you should put it in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes and then take it out and eat it. Where to eat, cut there, because once cut into small pieces and put in the refrigerator, the jelly is very easy to melt.

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