Strawberry Milk Smoothie

strawberry milk smoothie


  • Strawberries 12
  • Orange juice 100 ml
  • Yogurt 50 ml
  • Fresh milk 50 ml

How to Choose to Buy Delicious Strawberries

  • Choose strawberries that are large, bright red, succulent and still have the stem, bright green leaves.
  • Do not choose old berries because the intestines inside can be dry and empty.
  • Avoid choosing berries that are dull, deformed and rotten. Besides, the fruits with green skin, many spots should not be bought because strawberries will not ripen on their own from picking.
  • If you’re using strawberries during the day, you can leave them at room temperature. Or if you want to preserve it longer from 5-7 days, you should wrap the strawberries with paper towels and then put them in the refrigerator.


1. Process Materials

Strawberries washed, cut off the petioles. Then chop the strawberries to make it easier to blend.

2. Blend Smoothies

Put strawberries, 100ml orange juice, 50ml fresh milk, 50ml yogurt and some ice cubes into the blender.

First turn on the machine at medium speed, knead for about 10-15 seconds for the ingredients to be smooth. Then turn on the machine at high speed, grind until the ingredients blend together, creating a smooth mixture, then turn off the machine.

3. Finished Product

Strawberry smoothie with a characteristic strawberry smell, a little sour from orange juice and yogurt mixed with the sweetness of fresh milk makes the smoothie more attractive. Surely this cool smoothie will be very suitable for hot days!

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