Simple Recipe to Cook Delicious Hue Beef Noodle Soup

hue beef noodle soup


  • Beef: 500g, Beef tendon: 3 ounces
  • Spring rolls: 1 pc (choose the ham first)
  • Tube bone (pork or beef): 500g.
  • Hue fish sauce
  • Spices: lemongrass, ginger, dried shallot, garlic, paprika, seasoning powder, sugar, cashew oil.
  • Vermicelli: 400g
  • Raw vegetables (coriander, coriander, bean sprouts, fresh onion, Thai banana flower)
  • In addition, you can prepare more spring rolls, meat rolls, crab cakes, pig blood


Pork leg, beef bone and beef in the same pot, add lemongrass and crushed shallot, add water and simmer for about one to two hours.

Beef for Hue beef noodle soup should not be boiled too hard, it will lose its quality, and if it is too young, it will be tough. To check if the beef is tender enough after 30 minutes, take the beef out separately and continue simmering the pork leg and beef bone.

Simmer on low heat, then add chopped onion and areca, then Hue beef noodle soup will be sweeter and have enough time to secrete the sweetness in the bones.

You should remember that when you are stewing bones, you want to add water, absolutely do not add cold water, so the bone broth will not be sweet anymore, you must fill it with hot water.

When the water boils, add a little salt, let the fire simmer until the water boils, begin to skim off the fat and yellow foam. Cook until the pot of Hue beef noodle soup is almost 1/3 of the water, although it takes a long time to stew, it makes the water thicken and doesn’t need the available Hue beef noodle seasoning powder.

In a bowl, put 3 tablespoons of fish sauce in a little cold water, stir well, then let the residue settle and then pick up the clear water of this fish sauce and put it in the pot. Season the pot of water to taste with fish sauce, sugar, rock sugar and a little MSG.

Before that, you fry the minced lemongrass with cooking oil, extract the oil and heat it. Then add the color to the pot of Hue beef noodle soup to get the color.


In a cool or chilly morning, there’s nothing better than a delicious bowl of Hue beef noodle soup with the whole family.

The sweet and savory taste of water, the greasy taste of spring rolls, the crispy and delicious taste of encrusted meat, fragrant crab cakes with a little spicy of chili and sourness of lemon.

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