Seafood Fried Rice

seafood fried rice


Shrimp, squid, carrot, string beans, rice


  1. Cooked rice to cool. Slice carrots and peas. Half shrimp, whole, half diced with squid. Chop purple onion. Put the cashew oil in the pan and a little red onion for shrimp and squid, season with a little seasoning powder, a little salt, a little sugar and stir fry until the shrimp and squid are cooked.
  2. Chickpeas and carrots are lightly boiled and blanched in cold water. Stir-fry the lentils and carrots, but also add a little seasoning powder and a little salt.
  3. Put the cashew oil in the pan so that the oil is hot for the rice, add seasoning powder, sugar, and salt and stir fry until the rice grains are firm and evenly colored, then add the fried shrimp and squid to the island and finally Add the green beans and carrots to stir-fry, season to taste. You can decorate a few sprigs of coriander to make it eye-catching.

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