How to Fry Crispy Pancakes for a Long Time Without Breaking

1. Choose Flour for Pancakes

Currently on the market there is a variety of pre-made pancake flours, so you can buy the dough to make cakes quickly. In addition, you can use rice flour to make your own cake flour according to your own ratio to achieve the desired cake.

Particularly for rice flour, there are usually 2 types: plain rice flour (or rice flour) and glutinous rice flour (or glutinous flour). Although they are all called rice flour, when making pancakes, plain rice flour is the type that you need to use to help make the cake crispy.

2. Standard Pancake Batter Ratio

The ratio of how the pancake batter is mixed will determine the delicious crispness and quality of the cake, if the dough is too thick, the cake will be thick and soft when fried.

The standard cake ratio is: 500gr rice flour, 1 teaspoon turmeric powder, 250ml water, 50ml coconut milk, add 100ml beer/soda (other carbonated water).
standard ratio

3. Select and Prepare Ingredients

  • Shrimp is best to choose to buy when it is still fresh, intact shrimp moves flexibly.
  • The flesh has a bright color, light pink or light red, good elasticity and no bad smell.
  • Raw vegetables should choose fresh green bunches, not wilted, shriveled or crushed.

When preparing and stir-frying the pancakes, stir-fry with medium-high heat, when cooked, turn off the heat, so that the filling is drained and not waterlogged. When frying pancakes, the crust will not be friable, the cake will be more crispy.

prepare ingredients

4. Use a Deep Pan

A deep cast iron pan and non-stick will be a great tool to help you fry cakes easily, crispy, without fear of being crushed.

Normally, a cake crust will be made from 1 patch of cake flour mixture, so don’t add too much flour to make the cake thick, soft and not crispy.

5. The Level of Fire to Fry the Cake

Pancakes are perfect with thin, crispy crust, so the right level of fire should be kept low. High fire will cause the cake to burn.

6. The Process of Frying Cakes

Put the pan on the stove, add a little oil, coat the pan evenly. It is better to use a brush or blotting paper to spread the oil evenly on the pan. Should prepare a small cup of oil next to it, convenient for re-coating the oil for each frying.

Use a patch to scoop a sufficient amount of flour, pour it into the pan in a circle along the edge of the pan, tilt the pan so that the dough flows to the whole pan.

Put the cake in the middle, cover the pot to make the filling evenly cooked, check that the filling is completely cooked, then drizzle a little cooking oil on the edge of the cake, making it easy to remove the cake from the pan. At this time, you can beat the egg and sprinkle it evenly on the surface of the cake, when the cake is finished frying, it will be more delicious.

To make it simpler, you can stir-fry shrimp and meat before making cakes.

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